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Quarantine Survival Guide: Brainstorm List

Prepare for your return to public spaces by making your own face mask! All you need is a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, and this video.

Stretch it out. Virtual classes, meetings, and hang outs likely means a lot of time spent hunched over a computer. Take 10 minutes to stretch out your neck, shoulders, and upper back with this video.

LOL. Laughter has many short term and long term benefits for our health. Intentionally take time today to find something that makes you really laugh out loud. Need a suggestion? Check out these laugh challenges.

Get creative. Try writing a short story, poem, or song using the New York Times picture prompts.

Create a quarantine playlist

Try a guided meditation

Stream of consciousness writing/drawing 

Listen to an episode of your favorite podcast

Learn a tik tok/viral video dance

Try yoga with a beginners yoga video

Feeling sluggish between zoom meetings? Start by trying this five minute energy boost before, after, or between your classes.

Gratitude journaling exercise

Learn sign language phrases 

Engage in a comforting or self-soothing activity

Create a blog of what quarantine is like

Write a real letter to perhaps an older relative who would love to receive mail

Check out these Writing Prompts inspired by new years

Listen to an episode of your favorite podcast

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game on your phone

Or try out this game that incorporates playing in real time with your friends even though you can't be together physically.

Better Sleep: Start tonight with these helpful tips.

Reduced anxiety: Attend our Anxiety Management Workshops (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30--1:30)  for some tips on how to cope during times of stress. If not, take a look at the resources here for meditation and mental health apps.

Manage Zoom fatigue: Yes, we know all about zoom fatigue, it's 2022! You can still set yourself up for success by checking out these tips and incorporating them into your daily routine.

Here are some other tips on how to fight fatigue and generally thrive while in quarantine. 

Other ideas? Email to add to this list