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Campus Dining

Campus Dining

Tasty, convenient, and stress-free!

Loyola Dining Services provides nutritious meals at several campus locations. Meal plans are built to provide students healthy food as well as the flexibility to grab a bite on the go.

Meal Plan Requirement

First-year and sophomore students living on campus must carry a weekly meal plan. Upperclass students (Junior standing and above) living on campus must carry at least a $750vWolf Bucks only plan, and may choose any higher plan at their option. Commuter students have the option to choose from any meal plan or Wolf Buck increments.

Loyola University Dining Services partners with Tulane University to provide reciprocal dining privileges for students, faculty, and staff to use their Wolf Bucks all locations on both campuses. In addition to offering you a variety of 25 dining options, we are constantly seeking out new trends, fun ingredients, and innovative healthy preparation techniques in the quest to consistently serve great-tasting food. 

All new undergraduate students and all current students living in on-campus housing are required to participate in the Loyola Dining Program. All of the aforementioned students must carry a meal plan through graduation.

Students: I Want To...

  • Change My Meal Plan: Students may change their meal plan without penalty within the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters without penalty. All change requests must be received by end of business on Friday of the second week of classes. Meal plan change requests may be submitted through the Meal Plan Change Form online. No meal plan changes will be allowed after the meal plan change period has ended.
  • Purchase a Meal Plan: Email with the plan you would like to purchase, your name, and student ID.
  • Add Wolf Bucks: For security purposes, you must be logged into your Loyola Gmail account to access the form. Wolf Bucks can be used at all on campus retail locations and for on campus mobile ordering via GrubHub.
  • Add Iggy Deaux: Iggy Deaux is offered as a meal plan enhancement and is not a required portion of your meal plan participation. Iggy Deaux can be added in $100 increment using this form. Your student account will be billed, just like when you add Wolf Bucks. Iggy Deaux can be used at any off campus GrubHub location. Iggy Deaux is subject to all city and state taxes.
  • Meal Plan Requirement Appeal Form: Appeals are accepted and reviewed beginning the first day of each semester through the end of the second week of class. Appeals will not be accepted after the second week of class. Appeals are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Meal Plan Appeals Committee. Please allow up to five business days to receive an appeal outcome.

Wolf Bucks vs. Express Cash

In addition to the student’s meal plan, the Loyola Express Card has the ability to carry Wolf Bucks and debit dollars. These two functions have important differences of which the student should be aware.

Wolf Bucks

Wolf Bucks come with every meal plan, and additional Wolf Bucks may be purchased any time by submitting a request. Wolf Bucks may be used at dining locations at both Loyola University and Tulane University. Wolf Bucks may only be used on food purchases at approved campus dining locations.

Wolf Bucks offer parents peace of mind to know that those funds will be used by the student only for dining purposes. Wolf Bucks also are tax-benefited, so the student pays less tax at dining locations. Wolf Bucks may be purchased separately in $100 increments. Wolf Bucks will be added to the student’s Loyola ID Card and the bill will be applied directly to the student’s tuition account. Wolf Bucks account balances will carry over between semesters (i.e. fall to spring, spring to summer) not between academic years. Money remaining on the Wolf Bucks account on May 15 of each year will be forfeited to Loyola.

Express Cash

The Express Card is also a debit card. To utilize this function, the student or parent must deposit money with the Bursar’s Office and the appropriate amount will be credited to the student’s Express Card. Express Cash may be used at any food or retail location on Loyola’s campus. 

Contact the Bursar’s Office to add Express Cash.

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Faculty/Staff Wolf Bucks & Meal Plans

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