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Quarantine Survival Guide: End

Start preparing for re-entry. What are you looking forward to upon leaving quarantine? What’s your first meal going to be? Your first social engagement? The countdown starts now!

Any new fitness routines you want to incorporate into your life when you leave quarantine? Start thinking about how to do this. Anything physical activity you’ve been missing that you are excited to start again after quarantine? After so much time indoors, remember to use sunscreen, and take it easy as you ease back into your fitness routine.

Reflect on your time: have you learned anything new about yourself? Any wellness habits you want to integrate into your daily routine? Anything you know you want to change? What quarantine victories can you celebrate? HINT: brushing your teeth every day definitely counts :) You may be feeling impatient, exhausted, bored, and/or lonely. Totally normal. Remind yourself that you are almost done.

Do you have everything you need to make it through this homestretch? If you are running low on food or other supplies, reach out to a friend or family member, or take a look at our resource guide for ways Loyola can help you.

Ready to get back in the classroom or feeling a little shaky? What do you need to transition back successfully?Take a moment to check in about any upcoming deadlines. If you think you might need accommodations after quarantine, reach out to the Office for Accessible Education.

Are people still calling/texting you, or has it felt lonelier lately? Start making post-quarantine plans. Did you explore any new virtual social opportunities in quarantine that you want to continue afterwards?

Has this time changed you in any way? Any new spiritual practice you want to keep going after leaving? What brought you solace in your most difficult moments? Take a moment to write down your insights, or engage in whatever spiritual practice will prepare you for re-entry.