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Ignatian Life Communities

What is an ILC?

Each Ignatian Life Community (ILC) groups usually have between 6 to 10 members and meet regularly, usually weekly, to pray, reflect, and discuss issues of life and faith. Based in Ignatian spirituality, ILCs help members find God in all things and discover their calling in life. Participants do no have to be Catholic Christian or any other denomination of Christian to be in an ILC, all are welcome.

What is a meeting like?

Each meeting involves opening and closing prayers, sharing on how you have encountered God in your week, and a prayer experience and discussion. Prayer experiences usually center on an aspect of Ignatian spirituality and can include meditation, art, scripture, journaling, and more.

ILC Affinity Groups:

This year we will be offering the following affinity groups in addition to our general CLCs: athletes (co-ed), a group for Spanish speakers, LGBTQ+, and a secular spiritual exploration group. These groups will cover generally the same material as the general groups, but with people of the same community.


Registration for 2023-2024 will open August 7, 2021 . Please contact Hunter Darrouzet at if you are interested in joining a group before that date or if you have any questions.