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About Student Conduct


Student Conduct, within Student Affairs, is responsible for fostering growth by engaging students in conversation about ethical-decision making; addressing and redressing student misconduct through fair and consistent application of policies and procedures; and promoting awareness of students’ rights and responsibilities. We support the larger mission of Loyola University New Orleans to uphold the dignity and value of each person, to foster a commitment to wholeness of mind, body and spirit, and to maintain a compassionate response to the community. Student Conduct crafts and enforces policies, as well as delivers programming and services that promote student safety and success, civility, respect for self and others, global citizenship, community and personal responsibility, and ethical development.


  • Create and maintain an environment that is conducive to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and psychosocial growth of all community members.
  • Promote the use of ethical decision-making in students' daily lives.
  • Promote accountability and responsibility.
  • Resolve alleged violations of expectations in a way that is fair, developmental, and educational.
  • Educate community members about responsible citizenship.
  • Educate community members about issues relating to Title IX like consent.
  • Maintain accurate records and produce information to assist other university offices in their functions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students, faculty, and staff will know where to find the Student Code of Conduct; understand the purpose and philosophy of the student conduct processes; and be adequately prepared to participate and be aware of their role in the student conduct process.
  • Students, conduct officers, and other personnel involved in the student conduct process will develop critical thinking and ethical-decision making skills that will promote dignity, compassion, and excellence.
  • Students will learn how their personal behavior impacts others and commit to being community-minded individuals.

      For more information about the student conduct philosophy, definitions, and institutional authority, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct.

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