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Advise a Student Organization

Advisors play an important role in the functioning and development of our students and student organizations. Research shows that involvement in co-curricular activities, such as registered student organizations, correlates positively with persistence, achievement, satisfaction, career advancement, and educational development. In addition, co-curricular involvement supports the mission of Loyola by educating the whole student and empowering them to become positive change agents through leadership development, active engagement, and global citizenship. As an advisor, we challenge you to help your registered student organization develop programs that foster their commitment to academic excellence, social justice, and their growth as well-rounded, engaged citizens.

Advisors often work on the “front lines” with students, connecting students more closely with education and campus life. To assist you in your advisory role, Student Life and Ministry provides the following documents.

The Student Organization Advisor's Guide provides guidelines and tips on how to be an effective advisor to one of Loyola’s registered student organizations (RSOs).

Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook includes the following information: Student Organization Recognition & Privileges, Chartering & Renewal, HowlConnect Event Registration & Planning, Student Organization Travel, Student Organization Funding, Campus Policies, and Student Organization Judicial Process.

The services we provide to advisors and student organizations are continually changing and improving. If you have any suggestions for or comments about our resources for advisors, or need any assistance advising your organization, please do not hesitate to contact Dale O'Neill, Assistant Vice President of Student Life and Ministry. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to enhancing student life!