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Student Code of Conduct

The Office of Student Affairs manages all non-academic misconduct allegations for the undergraduate and graduate student populations at Loyola University New Orleans. The judicial process at Loyola grants a student the opportunity to learn from mistakes. In doing so, students should hopefully gain a better understanding of their responsibility and role in the Loyola community.

The Code of Conduct Chapters

Section 1: Preamble

Section 2: Institutional Authority, Jurisdiction and Related Matters

Section 3: Student Conduct Philosophy

Section 4: Student Responsibilities

Section 5: Title IX Policy

Section 6: Procedures for Cases Except Those Brought Pursuant to Student Affairs Title IX Policy

Section 7: Students Rights and Freedoms

Section 8: Medical Withdrawal

Section 9: Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Section 10: COVID-19 Addendum

If you have any questions about the Student Code of Conduct, please contact Akilah Jones, Director of Student Conduct, at (504) 865-3428.