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Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to your questions about Residential Life. Can't find the information you need? Send us an e-mail.

Housing Policies

Loyola requires every student to live on campus for three (3) academic years, or until attaining Senior standing. Campus residents are also required to take advantage of the many dining options on campus by carrying a meal plan. Read more about the Residency Requirement and the Commuter Student Policy.

The behavior of all Loyola University students and visitors is governed by the policies, procedures, and guidelines outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. All first-year students, faculty, and staff are provided a hard copy of the Code of Conduct (printed within the Student Handbook). The Student Code of Conduct can also be accessed online.

All First-Year/Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students are required to live on campus and carry a meal plan at Loyola University New Orleans. The Three year residency requirement is posted in the University Bulletin, on the university website, and in the Student Code of Conduct.

Incoming First-Year students, Sophomores, and Rising Juniors must apply for housing exemptions each year they want to live off campus; living off campus during one year does not grant you an exemption for future years.

Students living on campus receive the benefits of safety, convenience, proximity to classes and academic resources, and access to a vibrant 24-hour social network of peers from around the country and the globe. Campus residents also tend to perform better academically, be more involved in student organizations and activities, and be more satisfied with their college experience in general. Click here to learn more about the benefits on living on campus!

Loyola is committed to honoring the dignity of every member of the 'Pack. Loyola students with medical needs or special circumstances may request appropriate housing accommodations. In order to request housing accommodations, students must submit a Housing Accommodation Request Form and appropriate disability documentation to the Office for Accessible Education for consideration.

Moving In and Moving Out

Students will be contacted by email and/or postal mail with housing information as soon as possible! Returning students are typically notified of their housing assignments by May 1. New incoming students (First-Year students and Transfer students) will be notified beginning in mid-June. Students submitting their Housing Contract late will be contacted as quickly as possible. If you would like to speak to someone about the status of your housing application please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residential Life.

Room changes are not encouraged, as they take time and energy away from your studies and friends. If you are experiencing challenges in your living situation, your Resident Assistant or Community Director are available to help you out.

However, in some cases, we realize that room changes may be the best option. Students granted a room change will be assessed a $100 Room Change Fee, and will be required to check-in to their new room and check-out of their old room within 48 hours of approval. No student may move within the first two weeks or last two weeks of any semester (these times are called the Room Freeze Period). Students failing to complete their move within 48 hours will be assessed an additional $100 Improper Check-Out Fee.

First-Year students are required to live on specific floors/wings within the residence halls based on their Learning Cluster assignment. This requirement limits the student's ability to change rooms or residence halls, so Residential Life, along with other important offices on campus, provide many resources for dispute resolution and conflict mediation.

All Loyola housing is co-ed. In Biever Hall males and females are separated by wing. In Buddig Hall, Cabra Hall, and Carrollton Hall males and females are housed by suite or apartment. Loyola does not traditionally house opposite gender persons in the same room or suite unless an accommodation is made to meet a preferred gender identity. In this case, please contact the Director of Residential Life to discuss your needs and we will work with you to identify an ideal environment.

For specific move-in dates, please visit Residential Life's Important Dates. First-Year and incoming Transfer students are required to participate in New Student Orientation and Wolfpack Welcome. Students participating in the Last Chance orientation session are permitted to move in before other students. Returning students are typically allowed to begin their move-in process at 8:00am on the Saturday before classes start.

The residence halls are open during Mid-Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, and Easter/Spring Break. During these holidays, any resident may stay in the building, though our student staff and the services we are able to provide will be limited. The residence halls will completely close over the Winter Break, and no student may stay on campus during that time.

Break Housing Information


Do you have a particular roommate in mind or need help finding a roommate? You need to make your roommate preference in the Residence System.

Things to remember about the roommate selection process:

  • First Year Roommate Requests are due June 1st.  
  • All roommate requests must now be mutual. One-way requests will not be granted, even if you each shared your Passcodes with each other. Both roommate must submit a request to form a roommate group.
  • If both roommates had previous submitted a mutual request, your roommate group will already be visible in your "Roommates" tab. One-way requests have not carried over to the new system and must be re-submitted in order to be valid for Fall room assignments.
  • You may now update/edit your roommate request even after you have submitted your application. If you change your mind or find a roommate, no need to contact Residential Life! Simply edit your own roommate request via your Residence homepage.


Our residence halls do not have computer labs, though there is a 24-hour computer lab available in the Monroe Library.

Residential Life partners with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. to provide annual MicroFridge rentals for the regular academic year. In-room safes are also available for purchase only. MicroFridges incorporate a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave, and are the only microwave allowed in Loyola's residence halls.

To reserve your MicroFridge, please visit:

The unit will be delivered to the student's assigned Fall room, and must be returned during the pick-up period at the end of the academic year, typically during Finals week.

Loyola’s cleaning service does not clean student rooms during the academic year. It is the student’s responsibility to clean their individual room.

Community bathrooms in Biever Hall are cleaned daily. Buddig Hall, Cabra Hall, and Carrollton Hall bathrooms are cleaned once during the Christmas holiday.

Other Questions

You will use your Express Card (your Loyola University student ID) on a daily basis all over campus. You will use your ID to get meals in the Orleans Room cafeteria, to buy snacks at The Market, food at Original Burger Company and Tsunami Sushi, and in vending machines around campus. Wolf Bucks can also be used at Tulane University’s LBC dining center.

The residence halls are secured with card swipe access, and your ID will gain you access to your hall. Whenever you enter the building, you will need to show your ID and building validation sticker to continue past the lobby. You can also use your ID card to do laundry or to make copies.

Learn more about your Loyola Express Card

You may ship packages to your new address one week prior to the date you plan to move to campus. Please contact Residential Life immediately upon arriving at campus to arrange pick-up of your packages.

All packages shipped prior to a student's arrival on campus should be clearly marked with the student's name and the total number of packages being shipped (i.e., '1 of 3', '2 of 3', etc.)

Personal Property

No, Loyola University New Orleans and the Department of Residential Life do not insure students’ personal property. Students are advised to purchase a Renter's Insurance Policy through their family insurance provider. Parents, in some cases your college student may be covered through your homeowner’s policy, check with your provider to learn more.

Students may bring their own refrigerator as long as it is no larger than 3 cu. ft.

Microwaves are strictly prohibited in the residence halls.

Loyola offers a MicroFridge™ rental program if you wish to have both a microwave and a refrigerator. MicroFridges™ are a combination microwave/fridge/freezer unit, and are more energy efficient and greatly reduce the risk of electrical shorts and fires by combining multiple appliances on one plug. For more information and to reserve your MicroFridge™ visit our partner Collegiate Concepts.

Upperclass students and returning residents may bring their cars to campus, but must purchase a parking permit. First-year student parking permits are limited, and will be sold as long as space is available. For detailed information regarding availability and prices, please visit Parking Services.

Paying for On-Campus Housing

Actual costs vary from year to year and depend on different housing and dining options chosen. All students who reside on campus are required to carry a meal plan and will also be charged a $30 Residence Council fee. Specific housing costs can be found on the Residence Halls page, and specific dining costs can be found on the Campus Dining page.

Residential Life cannot accept deposits or payment for housing. Questions and payments may be directed to the Bursar's Office:

Marquette Hall, Room 270
(504) 865-3661


In Biever Hall, Carrollton Hall, Cabra Hall, and Buddig Hall (floors 2-5), the beds are 80” x 36” (extra long twin).

In Buddig Hall (floors 6-12), the beds are 76” x 36” (regular twin).

Residence hall rooms come with an Ethernet and wireless internet connection, and air conditioning/heating units. Local telephone connections are provided in the common areas of all residence halls. All building entrances are monitored 24 hours with card swipe access and front desk staff from 7pm-7am nightly. For more information about unique features and furniture of each residence hall, please visit Arriving on Campus.

Each residence hall has its own laundry facility. Buddig, Biever, and Carrollton Hall laundry facilities are located on the first floor of each building. Cabra Hall has machines on each occupied floor. Laundry service is free, and students are encouraged to visit for real-time availability and status of laundry machines.

Contact Information

Resident Assistants are placed on every floor as a quick and easy resource for residents. Further inquiries should be directed to the Office of Residential Life:

Phone: (504) 865-2445
Fax: (504) 865-2580

Mailing Address
Loyola University New Orleans
Office of Residential Life
6363 St. Charles Ave. Box 126
New Orleans, LA 70118

When sending mail to a resident of Loyola's residence halls, please do not send to the Office of Residential Life, as this will delay delivery to the intended recipient. Personal mail should be sent to the recipient at one of the following addresses. Be sure to include the recipient's name and campus box number on the mailing label:

Biever Hall residents:

Loyola University New Orleans
Biever Hall, Box #
200 LaSalle Court
New Orleans, LA 70118

Buddig Hall residents:

Loyola University New Orleans
Buddig Hall, Box #
100 LaSalle Court
New Orleans, LA 70118

Cabra Hall residents:

Loyola University New Orleans
Cabra Hall, Box #
7214 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118

Carrollton Hall residents:

Loyola University New Orleans
Carrollton Hall, Box #
300 LaSalle Court
New Orleans, LA 70118

Buddig and Cabra Halls do not come equipped with landline phone access. Biever and Carrollton Halls are equipped with landline phone jacks, but are not active unless specifically requested by the student. In these two residence halls, landline phone service may be requested at no charge via an online form from Telecommunications, which can be found here: