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Educational Courses

Your college experience should be one of the most memorable of your life. During this time you will learn more about your gifts and talents and how to use them productively. You also will discover more about yourself as a whole person - your thoughts, ideas, needs, wants and beliefs. You will find many opportunities and challenges along the way, and you need sound information to make healthy decisions.

Developed by student affairs professionals, EverFi is a comprehensive program designed to inform students about how to minimize the risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault.

AlcoholEdu for First Year Students is a mandatory course for first-year students. Students must sign up for their courses and complete them by the deadlines. Failure to complete these courses can result in a registration hold, possible conduct charges, and punitive fines.

Undergraduate Learning Programs

AlcoholEdu for First Year Students

This course is designed for students entering college. This online program uses evidence based prevention methods to inspire students to make healthier decisions related to alcohol.

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions

This course takes a public health approach to preventing alcohol abuse. This course has been proven to reduce negative consequences associated with under age drinking and empowers students to make safer and healthier decisions about alcohol.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

This course helps colleges and universities comply with the educational requirements relating to sexual misconduct and Title IX and the Clery Act. This course educates students about healthy relationships, the importance of consent and the role of bystander education.

Drug Abuse Prevention

In this course students learn why taking a population level approach to prevention is important.