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Themed Living Communities

Themed Living Communities (TLCs) are "packs" of students intentionally brought together around a common purpose in order to form a deeper understanding of values, discover their passions, and become more invested in the campus community. By choosing to participate in a program with people who share your interests, lifestyle, or academic courses, students become friends and support each other both academically and socially. Our goal is to not only establish strong communities, but to create a true sense of home.

Typically, first-year students TLCs are located in Buddig or Biever Hall and require a one-year agreement for the academic year. The sophomore year learning community is located in Carrollton Hall and also requires a one-year agreement. Click on the links below to learn more about each community.


Students participating in Themed Living Communities will engage in opportunities grounded in:

  1. Positive personal development
  2. Community and relationship building
  3. Service to campus and the greater New Orleans community

How to Apply

To apply for housing in a TLC, simply mark the appropriate box in the TLC section of your new student housing application. All housing applications are completed through your Residence account. Complete your application now! Applications will become available after submission of the housing application for first year students.

Please note that some university programs that are associated with residential Themed Living Communities have additional requirements for participation. Interested students must complete all required applications and/or prerequisites for both the Office of Residential Life and the associated program. Please review specific program websites for full information.

TLC programs requiring an additional application include LEAD, HOWL, Spark, and Sophomore Year Learning Community.  If you are in the Honors program, you will automatically be placed in honors housing.  To opt out of honors housing, please email

Application deadline for first-year TLCs:

  • JUNE 1

Application deadline for sophomore-year community: 

  • See Returning Student Room Selection timeline


  • Please contact the Residential Life office at 504.865.2445 or email

A place to relax and reflect

Our Themed Living Communities

The LEAD (Leadership Engagement And Development) community is open to all students who seek to discover their leadership potential by getting involved on campus. Through partnership with the Department of Student Involvement, LEAD provides these opportunities through leadership seminars, workshops, and residence hall programs. Each LEAD member is paired with a mentor from Omicron Delta Kappa, Loyola's leadership honorary society, allowing them to form a bond with an experienced student who is eager to help develop Loyola's future leaders.

All first-year students are eligible to apply! Application is available in your Residence account.

Students admitted to the Honors program may live in a community where they are surrounded by their peers from the Honors program. This placement provides incoming Honors students the benefits of living, studying, and socializing together and the opportunity to participate in the rich array of programs and events designed specifically for first-year students. Students will work closely with Honors faculty to participate in programs such as the mentoring program for first-year and upper-class students and the annual Honors laser tag event.

All first-year students are eligible to apply to the University Honors Program.  To learn more about the University Honors Program, please visit:

The Spark community is home to students interested in learning more about social justice while giving back to the New Orleans community. The Spark community offers an unique experience that allows students to discover their personal and group potential, understand social issues affecting our world today and perform acts of service within the community.

All first-year students are eligible to apply! Application is available in your Residence account.

In the spirit of cura personalis (the Jesuit value meaning to care for the whole person), the HOWL (Holistic Opportunities for Wellness at Loyola) community is a substance-free environment with an emphasis on an all-encompassing approach to wellness. Students will learn the many components of healthy living, making positive changes within a supportive network of peers. Residents participating in HOWL will be required to sign a substance-free agreement.

All first-year students are eligible to apply! Application is available in your Residence account.

Loyola University is excited to announce the launch of a Sophomore Learning Community for the 2019-2020 academic year! Students participating in the Sophomore Learning Community will live together in Carrollton Hall and participate in a programing curriculum that will focus on community building, personal development, and major and career exploration. Students in the community will be required to participate in a curriculum based experience to further enhance their career preparation in the 2019-2020 academic year.

All rising sophomore students are eligible to apply! Application is available in your Residence account.