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Substance Abuse


Substance Abuse

Education and Outreach Programming

The University Counseling Center distributes informational materials and provides educational programming in an effort to increase knowledge of factual information and harm reduction regarding alcohol and other drugs, and to change alcohol and other drug related behavior.


One-on-one personal counseling is available to any currently enrolled Loyola undergraduate, graduate and law student. Students may seek counseling for personal substance abuse issues or for concerns about family, friends, or others who may have a substance abuse problem.

Please contact the UCC at Loyola University (504) 865-3835 to schedule an appointment.

Referral Information

When a student is in need of substance abuse counseling or other treatment, the University Counseling Center is available to provide assistance in locating and selecting a mode of treatment that recognizes and responds to the individual needs of that student.

There are a variety of alternatives for substance abuse treatment, including: outpatient treatment programs, hospital inpatient programs, and support groups. If it is necessary for the student to seek medical withdrawal from the University in order to obtain treatment, the UCC will assist in this process.

If you are a student who is experiencing difficulties related to your substance abuse or if you are a concerned friend, teammate, family member, or concerned faculty member, call to schedule an appointment (504) 865-3835 or stop by the UCC located in the Danna Student Center on the 2nd floor.

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