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New Student Programs

Congratulations on your acceptance to Loyola University New Orleans! Loyola's New Student Programs are a great opportunity to meet Loyola students, faculty, and staff; learn about programs and services available to you; and get acquainted with your new home. 

Online Orientation Modules

Information on how to log into Single Sign On and complete the orientation modules will be sent to students' Loyola emails. Once students receive their Single Sign On credentials, they can complete their Online Orientation Modules. Students must complete the Online Modules by January 12, 2024, in order for their Orientation Registration hold to be removed. The modules do not have to be completed in real-time, and students can stop and go throughout the modules. The modules should not take more than 3 hours to complete. In addition, parents are encouraged to review the orientation modules as they provide a wealth of information. Here’s a look at the topics that will be covered:

  • Safety and Security in the Big Easy
  • Student Living and Dining services
  • Student health and counseling
  • Loyola Technology
  • Introduction to Academic Life
  • Introduction to your College 
  • Student Life and Ministry

Online Orientation

Krewe Chats 

Starting in mid December, incoming students will be placed into orientation groups, called "krewes."  Their orientation leader, or "Krewe Leader" will send out weekly communications so that incoming students can meet fellow new members of the Wolf Pack, get questions answered, and gain valuable information on how to successfully transition to the university. Your Krewe Leader will also set up a time to meet with you over lunch in the OR in order to help you get acclimated to university life.

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Virtual Advising and Registration

Students admitted will receive a tentative schedule from their dedicated faculty-advisor.  Students will be able to discuss their schedule, and make adjustments to their registration if appropriate. If a student is considering changing their major, they should let their advisor know—they will get the student connected with the new department and a new advisor who can update their schedule for their new major.  To learn more about advising for incoming Spring 2024 students, please click here.

For first-year students, academic support occurs across several offices, and students will have access to professional staff members in each office before and after school starts. In the Pan-American Student Success Center, the Office of Academic Advising and Success Coaching assigns each deposited student a first-year advisor-coach, in addition to an advisor, who will guide the student through the transition to academic life in college and connect the student with the Loyola community throughout their first year at school.

Visit the Incoming Student Page for more resources

New Student Events

Visit the Incoming Student Page for more resources

New Student Programs FAQs

  • These programs will prepare you for academic success by introducing you to faculty and staff, teaching you about registration tools and academic culture, and connecting you to important academic support resources.
  • These programs will help you connect to campus by providing opportunities to meet other students.
  • These programs will empower you to be an active learner by teaching you about Loyola policies, introducing you to resources to help when times are tough, and giving you the tools you need to become a critical thinker.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to explore the online modules using the parent/guest access on the orientation website. They’ll find a wealth of information about campus activities, academics, and support services for students.

Loyola’s Orientation Leaders are called “Krewe Leaders". This is an ode to the krewes participating in Mardi Gras. A krewe is any group or organization of revelers to band together to host a Mardi Gras ball, ride on a Mardi Gras parade float, and participate in social events throughout the year. The role of the Krewe Leader is to lead groups of new students and their parents/guests to help them acclimate to the university. Krewe Leaders also serve as mentors to students, guiding them not only through orientation but also during their first year at Loyola. Each student will receive an initial email from their Krewe Leader with important information and a link to join their Krewe GroupMe.  If you have not received an email from your Krewe Leader after January 1, 2024, please email Tia Teamer, Assistant Director for Student Life.

Yes, the Online Orientation Modules and Wolf Pack Welcome are required for all new students. It is essential that you participate in these programs so that you can learn about the academic program, receive academic advising, and register for classes. Information on how to log in and complete the orientation modules will be emailed to students. Students use their Single Sign On credentials to log in to our Online Orientation Modules.  Students must complete the Online Modules by January 12, 2024 in order for their Orientation Registration hold to be removed. In addition, we recommend that parents review the orientation modules.

The fee will be included your student tuition statement.

Each incoming student will be able to schedule their move-in time slot over a week's period. Please contact Residential Life to schedule your move-in time and for more information.

Yes, you can order Loyola merchandise via our website.  Remember to visit often for coupons and sales!