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Meal Plan Contract

The following policies, procedures and regulations represent a contractual agreement between Loyola Dining Services as contracted through Sodexo Alliance by Loyola University New Orleans and you, the participant. As all students are required to cary a meal plan, your enrollment and matriculation to your classes constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the following terms:

Campus Dining Contract Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. A meal is defined as the "all-you-care-to-eat" periods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunches. Wolf Bucks are defined as the declining balance debit balance associated with each plan.
    2. Weekly plans are defined as the 12, 15, or 19 meals per week plans, or the 9/75 combo plan.
    3. Block plans are defined as the 50, 75, or 100 meals per semester plans.
    4. Taken together, the all-you-care-to-eat meals and Wolf Bucks constitute a meal plan.
    5. The meal plan contract is for one (1) academic year, or two (2) total semesters of dining plan enrollment. Dining charges are assessed on a per-semester basis.
    6. Weekly meal plans begin on Monday morning and end on Sunday night.
  2. Meals
    1. Meals must be used in the Orleans Room and must be consumed during the regular breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch dining periods using a weekly or block meal plan.
    2. For weekly plans, only one (1) is allowed per guest per meal period.
    3. For block plans or guest meals, up to the maximum number of available meals may be used during any given meal period.
    4. On weekly plans, all unused meals expire at the end of each week. On block plans, unused meals expire at the close of each semester.
  3. Wolf Bucks
    1. Wolf Bucks may be used at any meal period for food purchases in any Loyola Dining Services location; Wolf Bucks are not accepted for any alcohol or tobacco purchases.
    2. Wolf Bucks account balances will carry over from fall to spring semester. Unused Wolf Bucks balances as the last day of spring semester finals will be forfeited.
    3. Students may add additional Wolf Bucks in increments of $100 at any time.
  4. Required Participation And Cancellation
    1. All students are required to carry a meal plan. First- and second-year students must carry any weekly plan; second-year students in Cabra Hall and Carrollton Hall apartments are eligible for available block plans; Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate/Law students must carry at least a Wolf Bucks Only plan; Transfer students are subject to dining requirements according to their class standing.
    2. Participants may upgrade their level of participation at any time throughout the semester. The Student's tuition account will be updated to reflect the new meal plan price.
    3. Students may downgrade their level of participation only during the Meal Plan Change Period, starting July 1 through the first two (2) weeks of each semester.
    4. Cancellation of the meal plan will only be granted upon withdrawal from the University or upon approved separation from the residence halls.
  5. Special Dietary Needs
    1. Loyola Dining Services shall supply for any medically required special diet when prescribed and approved in writing by a physician. Medical accommodations for meal plans must be submitted and approved by the Director of Accessible Education. If the cost of the special diet exceeds normal meal cost, the participant shall pay the difference. Required participants whose religious affiliation requires kosher or halal meals may select any meal plan option provided the religious exemption is approved by the Directors of Residential Life and Loyola Dining Services. Official documentation must be provided from a religious leader upon request.
  6. Billing, Meal Plan Adjustments, And Refunds
    1. Meal plans are billed by semester and are charged to the Student's tuition account. The length of all contracts is for the entire academic year unless terminated by an approved cancellation.
    2. Without notification of meal plan adjustment, Loyola Dining Services assumes the same level of participation from fall to spring semesters.
    3. Meal plan adjustments must be requested online within the approved change period.
    4. No credit or refunds will be provided for missed meals.
    5. For approved cancellations, refunds will follow the housing refund schedule provided herein. Adjustments will be made to the students tuition account.
  7. Loyola Identification Card
    1. Meal plans are encoded on the student's Loyola Identification Card. The Loyola Identification card is required for all non-cash meal transactions. There will be no exceptions.
    2. Loyola Identification cards are non-transferable. Attempts by non- meal plan holding students to use a plan participant's Loyola Identification card may result in University disciplinary action.
    3. Students who abuse or inappropriately use their Loyola Identification card may be subject to disciplinary action by the University.
    4. A lost Loyola Identification card should be reported immediately to the Parking Services office, or after hours to the Loyola University Police Department (LUPD).