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University Housing Requirement Exemption Request

All First-Year/Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students are required to live on campus and carry a meal plan at Loyola University New Orleans. The three year residency requirement is posted in the University Bulletin, on the university website, and in the Student Code of Conduct.

Incoming First-Year students, Sophomores, and rising Juniors must apply for housing exemptions each year they want to live off campus; living off campus during one year does not grant you an exemption for future years.

Students living on campus receive the benefits of safety, convenience, proximity to classes and academic resources, and access to a vibrant 24-hour social network of peers from around the country and the globe. Campus residents also tend to perform better academically, be more involved in student organizations and activities, and be more satisfied with their college experience in general. Learn more about the benefits on living on campus!

Submitting a Request

All requests for exemption from the University's housing requirement must be submitted by the requesting student, and should include:

  1. Completed Housing Exemption Application in the Housing Director through Single Sign on
  2. Appropriate supplementary information and/or documentation, as outlined below

Submission of a completed Housing Exemption Request should not, on its own, be considered an approval. Residential Life will contact each student within 14 business days in writing to confirm the outcome of the exemption request. Students whose exemption requests are incomplete or denied will be required to submit a Residence Hall Contract and will be assigned housing.

Graphic outlining the steps to cancelling or exempting from you housing contract.


















It is in the student's interest to submit the exemption request early. The deadlines to submit housing exemption requests are:

  • Spring 2024 (New/First-Year Students): December 1
  • Fall 2024 (Returning Students)  March 1
  • Fall 2024 (New/First-Year Students) -June 1

Required Documentation

Exemptions to the University housing requirement will be considered for a limited number of reasons, each of which requires a specific set of documentation. Please note that it is the submitting student's, not the university's, responsibility to submit any and all required documentation for their exemption. Failure to provide supporting documentation in a timely manner may result in delays in a students exemption being reviewed and/or the student's exemption being denied.

  1. Student lives with parent(s) or legal guardian in the New Orleans metropolitan area, defined as a physical address within commutable distance (approx. 25 miles) of Loyola’s campus. Refer to Loyola's commuter policy for a listing of zip codes that qualify as commutable distance.

      • Parent/guardian must submit a statement in writing attesting that the student will reside at the permanent address with parent/guardian for three years, or until student otherwise meets requirements for off campus housing.
      • A copy of identification naming the student and listing a permanent address within the within commutable distance (such as a state ID, driver’s license, or other forms of identification accepted by Loyola University).
      • A copy of identification naming the parent or guardian listed in the student’s academic record and listing a permanent address within the within commutable distance (such as a state ID, driver’s license, or other forms of identification accepted by Loyola University).\
      • Proof of parent/guardian occupancy at permanent residence (ie, copy of utility bill with parent name and address).
  2. Student has completed three (3) years of previous, full-time college enrollment at an accredited institution of higher education; OR student has attained Senior status (90earned credit-hours) at Loyola University New Orleans.

      • Copy of transcript(s) that show the student has completed three (3) years of previous, full-time college enrollment at an accredited institution of higher education  (unofficial transcripts accepted).
  3. Student turns 22 years of age on or before the first day of classes for the fall term of the given academic year.

      • A copy of identification naming the student and displaying the student's date of birth (such as a state ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, or other forms of identification accepted by Loyola University).
  4. Student is an honorably discharged veteran.

      • Proof of discharge status such as a DD 214, DD 256, or DD 257
  5. Student is or becomes legally married, or student is or becomes biological parent or legal guardian of a dependent child.

      • Legal documentation of marriage or parent or guardianship, including but not limited to: 
        • Marriage Certificate
        • Birth Certificate of dependent child naming the student as a parent
        • Legal Guardianship papers naming the student as the guardian of a dependent child
        • Adoption papers naming the student as the parent of a dependent child
  6. Student participates in student teaching, academic internship, or a special University program that requires the student to be away from the New Orleans metropolitan area for the semester or major portion thereof.

      • Proof of acceptance to program or statement from sponsoring faculty/Registrar confirming participation in program.
  7. Student graduates or withdraws from the University.

      • Copy of completed petition for graduation during the established commencement term.
      • Copy of completed official withdrawal form, including the signature of a Residential Life staff member.

Other Special Housing Accommodations

Loyola is committed to providing appropriate housing accommodations to meet the needs of students with documented disabilities or special circumstances. Learn more about Requests for Special Housing Accommodations.


If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance for which you would like to request a housing exemption, but that is not otherwise addressed by the housing exemption policy, you may submit an appeal in writing to the Director of Residential Life.

Your appeal must include 1) An explanation of the rationale for your request, 2) Clear and thorough documentation to support your request, and 3) A personal statement discussing how you believe commuter status would benefit you in your academic and co-curricular pursuits at Loyola.

Appeals will be considered by a review board, and a determination communicated in writing. Appeals should be submitted by the established deadlines, and should not be considered granted until official written notification is received from the Director of Residential Life.

Appeals may be mailed to:

Office of Residential Life
6363 St. Charles Ave.
Campus Box 126
New Orleans, LA 70118

Or emailed to: