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Facilitated by UCC staff and interns, groups are a great way of getting support through talking with other Loyola students with similar concerns. An initial consultation appointment will help determine if a group is a good fit for you. Please note that groups must have at least two student members to begin meeting.

Back to "Normal" Anxiety Group

The University Counseling Center is offering a summer support group for students experiencing anxiety about returning to “normal” in the fall semester. As COVID-19 policies begin to loosen, many of us feel anxious about returning to social and academic settings that might feel different after restrictions and losses. This group will start virtually the week of July 26, with four sessions on Zoom and two sessions in-person, once the semester begins. It is open to enrolled students and incoming students. If you are interested in participating in the Back to “Normal” Anxiety Group, please contact Molly Pulda,

Students of Color Processing Group 

This group is for students of color to share a safe space to discuss, process, and reflect on their experiences of being a person of color at Loyola and the world at large.  This group will offer tools, resources, and skills for coping with life stressors that arise from experiencing the world as a person of color. Black, Indigenous, Latinx, East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, multiracial, and all other POC identities are welcome! For more information email

Survivors of Sexual Assault Support Group

This group is designed for survivors of assault who are interested in connecting with others who have had similar experiences. Sessions will focus on the development of interpersonal connection as a means of healing, and how to nurture compassionate relationships with ourselves and others. If you are interested in participating in this group or have additional questions, email

Anxiety and Depression Support Group

Anxiety and depression can be painful and exhausting. This group will focus on learning concepts and tools for changing your relationship to difficult thoughts and emotions. We will also explore how to choose a life of meaning and connection even when faced with fear and sadness. If you are interested in participating in this group, email

Grief and Loss Processing Group

The Grief and Loss Processing Group is designed to offer a safe, confidential space for students who have experienced distressing thoughts and feelings after the passing of a loved one or family member. Any number of symptoms (such as depression, guilt, shame) will occur as a result and the UCC is committed to addressing grief and loss in the group setting in addition to individual counseling. Our focus? In 8 weeks, we'll work to process the grief and loss you experienced and offer resources to adequately prepare for and respond to distressing thoughts and feelings both currently and in the future.  If you are interested in participating in this group, email

Anxiety Management Workshops

Stress is a normal part of everyday life: many people get nervous before a big presentation or test, or in unfamiliar social situations. Join the Anxiety Management Workshops to learn concrete strategies to cope with and manage anxiety. Our Anxiety Management Workshops will meet via Zoom. These workshops are focused on concrete skill-building, are FREE and open to all students, and no preregistration is necessary. For more information and the schedule, visit Anxiety Management Workshops.